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Steve Wilder


Steve Wilder has spent the past 35 years in safety, security, and risk management. He has provided consultation services to hundreds of clients, including hospitals, long-term care, schools, colleges, universities, manufacturers, housing, and government entities.

Steve has performed security vulnerability assessments and
mock OSHA audits at over 250 client locations across the United States, and has trained thousands of workers in workplace safety and security. An experienced trial expert, Steve has consulted for law firms and insurance companies on issues of workplace safety, security, risk management, aggression management, and workplace violence. He also has written numerous articles for magazines and trade journals. He and his partner Chris Sorensen are co-authors of the book The Essentials of Aggression Management in Healthcare: From Talkdown to Takedown.

In 2014, Sorensen Wilder & Associates introduced their program “The Active Shooter / Armed Intruder: Planning For…Responding To…and Recovering From the Unthinkable”. Since that time, they have provided the training to thousands of workers from a variety of industries across the nation, including over 30 different state associations and corporate systems. Today, they have become a recognized industry leader in workplace violence prevention programs in the United States.