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Stephen Hoke


Steve is nationally known for his extensive experience in the complex policyholder insurance recovery area. He represents corporations and other commercial interests in high-value complex insurance coverage cases in state and federal courts throughout the U.S. He has substantial appellate experience including before the Illinois Supreme Court. He also has extensive success presenting and recovering legacy liability insolvency claims in the domestic and UK markets.

Steve is one of the few attorneys in the nation with significant experience representing both insurers and policyholders. He represented U.S and U.K. insurers for eleven years, and after a four-year interlude in investment banking he returned to practice exclusively on behalf of policyholders.

Steve is a market leader in the field of corporate successor liability analysis and has deep knowledge and hands-on experience in devising and implementing innovate ways to limit and/or devise of legacy liabilities. He speaks frequently on these and other issues in national conferences. In addition to his career-long experience in asbestos, environmental and other high-value insurance areas, he and his partner, Jake Mihm, are perhaps the most knowledgeable and experienced lawyers in the U.S. with respect to insurance coverage issues related to talc/asbestos contamination, and Steve has lectured and been published widely in this area. Additionally, he has experience in relation to Sarbanes-Oxley and GAAP requirements for litigation and contingent risks, having worked with disclosure committees of publicly traded companies, and he is familiar with the audit function in these areas.

Steve has served as a registered insurance lobbyist on behalf of a Fortune 500 client. He has testified frequently as a designated “person most knowledgeable” for his corporate clients in both coverage and non-coverage matters and as a consulting and testifying expert in high-value matters.

Steve previously held professional and proprietary positions in the financial services and investment banking industry. He has an MBA from Kellogg (Northwestern) and attended its Executive Management Program.